Cloud BI Theme 3

IBM Cloud BI

Design of dashboard themes, and visualization interactions for IBM Cloud BI.

IBM Coud BI was a SaaS business analytics dashboarding solution. The primary goal of the project was to improve on our existing dashboard offering, and make it available as a cloud-based service.

Dashboard Themes

My role was to design the visual interaction spec for PMQ SaaS proof of concept prototype.


Defined feature requirements with design lead and project management. Researched common dashboard elements for visual styling, including typography, canvas layout, and colour palette. Created mood boards for each theme, to help clearly differentiate each theme from the other.


Created wire frames, and hi-def mockups. Collected feedback at weekly playbacks.

IBM Cloud BI Theme 3
IBM Cloud BI Theme 1
IBM Cloud BI Theme 2


Defined visual spec for each theme. Worked with development to implement, and addressed issues as required. Result was a visually modern dashboard experience, well received by users.

IBM Cloud BI Theme 3 Visual Spec
IBM Cloud BI Theme 3 Colour Palette
IBM Cloud BI Theme 3 Text Properties

Data Visualizations

My role was to define the interaction design of data visualizations for Cloud BI.


Collected user data from subject matter experts. Consulted with senior designers, as well as development.


Outlined the colour palette, layout, and typography to match the default visual theme. Collected and addressed feedback at weekly playbacks.


Produced guidelines for data interaction, live filtering, and scaling. Iterated on the design with development. The result was a visually modern data interaction experience.

summary widget
data visualization list view
interactive data control collision avoidance
interactive data control list