IBM Controller Project Overview Assets

IBM Controller

Visual interaction design contributions to IBM Controller.

Controller is financial consolidation software that supports the close, consolidate and report process required in the office of finance. The broader goal of this project was to re-engineer legacy Controller as a SaaS offering. My role specifically was to align the visual design with IBM Watson visual guidelines, and contribute any custom interactions as required.


Met with the dev team, and product manager to discuss priorities, timeline, playback schedule and expectations around design deliverables. Met with the research team to discuss their findings from user testing of the existing SaaS prototype.


Started with the discoveries made in the user research, clarified the information hierarchy on the Project Overview, and Submission screens.

IBM Controller Submission Upload Panel Actions

Worked on a bi-weekly schedule with dev and pm, iterated through the visual design of the ui framework, tables, and dialogs based on IBM visual guidelines.

Controller Submission Review Report Definition Dialog

Several interactions weren’t covered by existing guidelines, such as Submission navigation, side panel actions, table cell actions and status indication.

IBM Controller Submission Cell Interaction


Delivered detailed visual spec, and participated in the implementation of it with development and product management. Controller received a modern UX/UI, which was inline with IBM visual guidelines. Subsequent user testing revealed it was accepted well by users.

IBM Controller Submission Submit Confirmation